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Our Mission:
2 Timothy 1:7
Healed 3D’s mission is to bring Christ-Centered healing, knowledge, resources and dignity to families affected by Alzheimer’s; equipping and empowering all whose lives are affected by the disease.

“We anticipate a cure, we empower with knowledge, and adjust our lives for loved ones affected by this disease. However, we believe that God is the ultimate hope, and in Him hope never returns void (Isaiah 55:11, RSV).Through Healed3D, God is glorified above Alzheimer’s and His purpose lives through all caregivers, researchers, and clinicians impassioned with courage and commitment to support loved ones with honor and dignity (Leviticus 19:32).” ~ Deborah M. Jackson

Our Strategy: (The Healed3D’s Model)


Customized support for caregivers- emotionally, spiritually, economically, socially.


Programs to increase disease knowledge, increase early detection, lower risk factors, facilitate in-depth education of health care professionals.


Millennial Peer Focus and advocacy groups fundraising teams, programs and venues to raise awareness in communities and cities; establishing legislative partnership.


Administration assistance for families- management, strategic tools and planning initiatives. Parish prayer gatherings, coaching & counseling services.


Unique caregiver resources and restorative alternative to rejuvenate minds, souls, bodies.


Breathing new life and dignity into the care of the aging and elderly.

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Bring your gifts, talents, and passion to further the Healed3D Alzheimer’s Cause.

Commit to prayer weekly for families affected by Alzheimer’s to receive the 3 Dimensional support they need (spiritual, emotional and physical).

Create and host your own community fundraiser.

Empower your organizations, staff, churches and communities with more knowledge about Alzheimer’s; help families navigate challenges, recognize signs and symptoms, live a quality life and live beyond the disease.

Monthly contribution.

(Praise Worship Prayer) – PWP team leaders recruit and organize small teams bringing love, hope, joy to families affected by Alzheimer’s (serving approved assisted living facilities and memory care centers) training required.

Share and submit your testimony of “Miracles in the Mess” written (50 words or less) or video (15 seconds or less) shared nationally (review process).



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Deborah picIt’s Personal
It had been over twenty years since I lived in New Orleans. If I’m honest, visiting was great but I never desired to return home to live. I guess God had a different plan in mind.

On one hand the road home was a tumultuous journey at times feeling like Calvary; on the other it was saturated with miraculous signs and wonders I had never experienced before. In the process friendships were tested – a few stayed but many left. But as I once read “If they left they couldn’t stay and if they stayed they couldn’t leave.” God’s wisdom is so perfect.
Almost everything I owned was sold. How could that be when God gave it all to me? Now it seemed He was taking it all away. In December 2014 a Christmas visit to my mom became a permanent move without so much as a return to Charlotte to even pack up a box.

In January, we received her official diagnosis of  mild cognitive impairment (early stage Alzheimer’s). For years, I had been unsuccessful trying to help her. You see Alzheimer’s at it’s very core is a liar and deceiver; it tricks our loved one’s into believing they don’t need help. But God is greater and He is the truth.

And so it is I am actively waging war against the enemy of Alzheimer’s who seeks to steal the wisdom and dignity of my family;
who seeks to rob even the young from a full and quality life.

I decided. I committed. I stand in obedience to my God. I care for my mom with everything that is within me. Loving her, guiding her, challenging her while still becoming the bridge to fill the spaces she can no longer meet on her own. I guard over and maintain her dignity and independence. I am a willing vessel of clarity, peace, joy and laughter. I submit daily to doing things God’s way and God’s timing. I don’t believe in crystal balls but I believe His Word and His Spirit whom instructs and guides me daily (Psalms 32:8, RSV).

God’s grace is giving me strength and focus to complete my Graduate Seminary studies. Heart to Soul Ministry and Healed 3D has emerged sharing The Gospel and love of Christ, and advocating the cause of Alzheimer’s. I live through the fears. I rise above the grief. I create new memories each day.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount about Alzheimer’s disease clinically. God has bolstered my skill, wisdom and knowledge to speak, teach, and advocate for others.

Healed 3D keeps Christ at the center while raising awareness across every generation, equipping families spiritually and emotionally, and advocating with tangible resources to help caregivers while bringing voice and dignity to the voiceless.

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Contact Healed 3D & Heart to Soul Ministry

Main: (855) 427-6233 • Fax: 704.603.3199 • Email: info@deborahmjackson.com

Deborah M. Jackson - Restoring Hearts and Transforming Lives with the Love of Jesus Christ