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It’s Not What I Thought


My Courageous Clarity family, I cannot convey how grateful I am for your continued support, love and encouragement in my journey. noeh2

I have heard from so many of you that the Ministry direction is certainly no surprise. I will share that my greatest lessons have been: God wastes nothing 2. He is trustworthy in the most unclear seasons 3. In Christ I can do all things through Him that strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

With regards to the more recent part of my journey navigating the challenges of Alzheimer’s, through this disease and because of my obedience to God, I say “my wonderful, beautiful mother has lead me more clearly and deeply into my divine destiny.”

Specifically, over the last months God has opened doors for me to minister to caregivers, and speak to aging providers, and clinicians across the state of Louisiana. Interestingly enough, my curriculum has not only been about Alzheimer’s, but equally as much how primary a role God has played in the process. Because my audiences vary in expertise, experience and background, I am consistently faced in my preparation with a request of God: “Lord, open hearts and minds; there is no way for me to discuss caregiving or share my personal testimony and experience without discussing you and bringing glory to Your name.

Each time, without my initiation or involvement, God opens the door for prayer and His Word. As many of you know, I never wanted to speak and for many years I never felt adequate to own a Pastoral call on my life. Likewise, I never knew Alzheimer’s disease would be remotely attached to my destiny; I never saw caregiving as an entrance for people into a personal relationship with God.

My message to you today is to encourage you with love and prayer about whatever season in life you could be persevering through, and to teach you that divine purpose does not reveal itself like a one-time explosion in your life. God customizes every part of your development and the purpose He assigned to you from before your birth will unfold according to your preparation, obedience and His timing. (Luke 12:7) Purpose unfolds like a flower and reveals itself like pieces to a puzzle. Our job is to consistently submit to God and obey Him daily and at every crossroad and turning point – good, bad or scary. (Jeremiah 29:11)


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