HtSM and H3D Policies and Proceedures

Ministerial-Coaching, Counseling and Advising Center

Client Information

HtSM’s CCA Center is a ministry providing a network of assistance and resources to the church and community. Our ministries include: Women Progressing in Purposeful Power, Missional Leadership, Marketplace Ministry, Alzheimer’s Caregiving Support, Alzheimer’s Family Consulting, Pastoral Caregiving, counseling, coaching, and advising.


  1. Counselor- a provider of mental, emotional, and spiritual help utilizing principles from, but not limited to, theology, human development, mental health, education, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, guidance, and counseling. (Referral basis for mental, psychological, social work, marriage and family)
  2. Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) – A person who is board certified by the state of Texas as a licensed professional counselor. – (referral basis)
  3. Credentialed Coaching – A person who holds professional licensing to practice coaching in multiple areas (i.e. spiritual, life, business, relationship, Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia Disease, and is under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor.
  4. Master of Divinity, Master of Arts or Master of Science (MS) – A master’s degree from an accredited institution, such as an M.Div., MA or MS in Divinity/Spiritual-Related areas, Counseling.
  5. Supervisor – A person giving oversight to another counselor, counseling associate, intern, or practicum student.
  6. Practicum Student – A person who is in the final stages of completing a Master’s degree, in a counseling-related 
field. Rev. Guy Earle supervises practicum students.


Heart to Soul Ministry and all outsourced-related partners include, but are not limited to: Supervisors, LPCs, and practicum students. All are Christians and members of local area churches.

Goals, Purposes and Techniques of Coaching and Counseling

Heart to Soul Ministry understands there may be alternative ways to manage through difficulties experienced in life. As a Ministry we employ a combination approaches proven in the Ministerial arena.

  • Pastoral Caregiving – support based
  • Pastoral Counseling – therapeutically based
  • Pastoral Coaching – forward thinking approach

Risks in Coaching and Counseling

Coaching and Counseling can be tremendously beneficial; however, there are some risks. The risks may include the experience of intense and unwanted feelings, including sadness, fear, anger, guilt, or anxiety. It is important to remember that these feelings are natural and normal and are often an important part of the process. Other risks may include: recalling unpleasant life events; facing unpleasant thoughts and beliefs; increased awareness of feelings, values, and experiences; and calling into question your beliefs and values. Assumptions, problems, or possible side effects of working together can always be discussed.

HtSM will advise in the event that additional attention is needed above and beyond our specific areas of expertise and credentialing.


When it comes to both caregiving, coaching and/or counseling remain mindful it is a therapeutic relationship. Please do not allow personal and/or business relationships to undermine the effectiveness of your therapeutic relationship.

Appointments/Hours of Operation

Clients are scheduled by way of our online appointment method. Our CCA days of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Appointment availability varies based on schedules. We observed all national holidays and other occasional dates.


If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 and/or go to your nearest hospital. An emergency is defined as physical danger to self or others. Examples of emergencies include suicidal thought/plan, homicidal thought/plan, delusions (believing things to be true that are not possible or probable), hallucinations (seeing or hearing things others do not), child abuse or elder abuse.


Your appointment is reserved exclusively for you. Please make every effort to be on time for your appointment. Please notify the counseling ministry if it is necessary to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Appointments canceled less than 24 hours ahead will be charged a cancellation fee of $25. Please leave a message with each of the following: your name, phone number, your original appointment time, and the reason for rescheduling the appointment.

Counseling Sessions

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length by phone but may take longer. Clients in the local area of New Orleans, LA receive one-on-one appointments upon request. The number of session varies. The number of sessions needed depends on many factors and may be discussed.

Fees for Counseling Services

  1. Session fees

$75 Fee per counseling session

$45 Suggested Donation per session ($45 – FBSG Members ONLY;



HtSM CCA Center will make every effort to safeguard your information within our agency. No information will be released without the client’s written consent unless mandated by law. Possible exceptions to confidentiality include but are not limited to the following situations: abuse or exploitation; abuse of the elderly or disabled; abuse of patients in mental health facilities; HIV infection and possible transmission; criminal prosecutions; child custody cases; suits in which the mental health of a party is an issue; situations where the counselor has a duty to disclose, or where, in the counselor’s judgment, it is necessary to warn, notify, or disclose; a negligence suit brought by the client against the counselor; or the filing of a complaint with a licensing board or other state or federal regulatory authority.

By signing the CONSENT TO WORK WITH CCA, you are giving consent to share confidential information with all persons mandated by and with the agency that referred you and releasing and holding harmless your counselor from any departure from your right of confidentiality that may result.

Duty to Warn

In the event that a HtSM reasonably believes that you are a danger, physically or emotionally, to yourself or another person, by signing the CONSENT TO COACHING and COUNSELING, you consent for the HtSM to warn the person in danger and to contact any person in a position to prevent harm to yourself or another person, in addition to medical and law enforcement personnel. You waive all rights to confidentiality under these circumstances and agree to hold harmless HtSM’s CCA Center, and Heart to Soul Ministry, or any other related Ministries.

Clients Who Are Dependents

If you are requesting our services as the guardian of a dependent adult, the same general principles of Confidentiality and Duty to Warn as stated above will apply.

Change in Counselor Status

All files and records are the property of HtSM.


Termination of counseling may occur at any time and many be initiated by either the client or HtSM. Please contact HtSM directly to bring closure to future sessions.


Deborah M. Jackson Executive Director HtSM and H3D may be contacted regarding complaints in writing or by phone at:

Main: (855) 427-6233
Fax: 704-754-9525
Mailing Address: 9511 Chef Menteur Hwy, Suite 109/#380 New Orleans, LA 70127

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