Programs and Services

the-power-of-why“The Power of Why”

Content: Executive Level program geared towards helping Non-Profit         Organizations manage their boards through transition and leadership  changes.

Style Program: Combined training and lecture forum.

Half-day – one day workshop 

Clients: National Junior League




5-continuums“The Five Continuums of Leadership”

Content: Faith-based program geared toward helping church/ministry leaders and organizations in the marketplace of ministry, how to structure and build internal development and growth of Missional Leaders.

Style Program: Customizable program offered with a combination of interactive lecture, workshops and training.

ONLY offered as a five part series.

One-Two-Three Day Delivery Options

Clients: Xavier University, Jack & Jill of America, Inc.




professional-end-game“Y, Power of Your Professional End Game”

Content: Program geared toward college students transitioning into the marketplace and Millennials gleaning direction into their “true purpose”.

Style Program: Interactive, fun, relevant learning environment encompassing lectures, small group workshops, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Clients: Xavier University



wp3“WP3 – Women Progressing in Purposeful Power”

Content: Program geared towards women.  This program is designed for women in leadership, women in ministry, and all women serious about gaining courage and clarity to progress in every area of life.

Style Program: Interactive, personal, empowering, and educational. This program is developed and customized to feed the soul, transform thinking and remove both visible and hidden barriers standing in the way of progress.

One-Two Day Format


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