Speaking Requests

Thank you for your interest in having Deborah M. Jackson speak at your event. It is quite an honor to be considered.

Deborah wishes she could say yes to the many invitations she receives but the realities of her schedule mean we can only accept a limited number of engagements. As our team prayerfully considers your event, please provide us with the requested information below.

Once submitted, our team will review your request and be in touch with your next steps. A couple of important details to keep in mind while filling out this form are:


Check to make sure your date isn’t already taken by looking at the dates on her existing schedule. Please note: we are no longer taking speaking requests for 2016, as Deborah’s calendar is full.


Because time and travel are limited for Deborah, our speaking board accepts invitations for events that will have the greatest impact for the gospel and focuses mainly on conferences/events with an established attendance over 100.


Deborah is very committed to maintaining balance with both her home life and home ministerial church commitments on Sunday mornings; therefore, we have time restraints depending on the day of the week you would like to book Deborah.

Friday – Saturday events, Deborah must be able to depart your event by noon on Saturdays.

Saturday only events – Deborah must be able to depart your event by 5pm.

Worship Experiences – Deborah must be able to depart your event by noon on Sunday. No Sunday evening worship experiences will be approved.

Healed 3D also offers amazing resources/programs, including other initiatives available for booking.


Deborah M. Jackson - Restoring Hearts and Transforming Lives with the Love of Jesus Christ