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I’m passionate about people getting to know the love, faithfulness and peace of Jesus Christ. Spending time with God and studying Scripture restores and energizes me; I have invested deep roots in my relationship with Jesus Christ and believe the key to “abundant living” for anyone is building and nurturing that relationship.

I preach, I speak, I write, I teach. I study but most I love God with all my heart; therefore, when God calls me to speak, my 1st priority to discern and accomplish His will while bringing truth and love.  I speak about true freedom, hope, love, and purpose. I broach challenging topics like, disappointment, loss, forgiveness, obedience and sacrifice by using my own life lessons as example of how God has changed me.

God has given me an ability to remain balanced, empowered with both vulnerability yet firmness, and boldness in Christ. My life is propelled by God’s mission for me to share messages of healing and liberty intended to restore hearts and transform souls. I champion Christ-Centered transformation not quick-fixes. by bringing life and practicality to God’s Word to open destinies, release strongholds, offer clarity, and heal wounded emotions. I approach each engagement with sensitivity and guidance from the Holy Spirit searching for the customized plan for the deep inner work of spiritual maturity, fortifying character, and building stabile Christ-Centered missional leaders.

My extensive academic and practical study of God’s Word along with my life experiences enable me to help others make critical connections at life-changing crossroads. God has blessed me with presence, relatability resonating with men/women of all professions, backgrounds, religious or biblical experiences. My stories illustrate that we all must come the way of suffering, perseverance and faith.

Deborah M. Jackson - Alzheimer’s Advocate-EducatorAlzheimer’s Advocate-Educator

With twenty years of business and professional development training, I had no idea it became preparation for this. First, I am simply a daughter who loves her mother and her mother is living with Alzheimer’s. While my education equipped me to advise, counsel and coach and my medical/pharmaceutical background empowered me with knowledge, my experience trained me best.

I educate families, communities and professionals about the Basics of Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Managing Behaviors, Effective Communication and Early Detection.

I empower families to face fears by learning more about the disease, making preparations, gaining spiritual insight, resourcing support and connecting with others.

I teach classes.

I deliver programs.

I train all types of caregivers and medical professionals.

I minister to families.

I promote disease awareness alongside family empowerment.

I bring hope amidst the hurt.

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Deborah M. Jackson - Restoring Hearts and Transforming Lives with the Love of Jesus Christ