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Spirit Trumps Intellect


About six months ago, God opened a door for me to represent Healed 3D as a speaker for the House and Senate. The invitation was to deliver testimony to pass the Caregivers Bill. Sounds simple right? But by no means was it.

The process was long and intense requiring much diligence of all involved. The heavy lifting was done by my lobbyist friends and counterparts with AARP, Senator H. who owned the bill and a host of other influencers such as the Black Caucus and more. img_1810From start to finish it was a 6-month journey ultimately ending in victory.

As Deborah M. Jackson Ministries (i.e. Heart to Soul Ministry {HtSM} and Healed 3D {H3D}) are progressing – reigniting previous relationships and beginning new partnerships, God gently reminded me of this process. Specifically, the moment in time when SB-376 was literally about to be suspended in denial for potentially six more months.

To set expectations, though I was the deliverer of the information that changed the entire threat, please focus more on the spiritual nature of what was taking place. My hope is that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you to hear and see the heart of this message with a spiritual ear and sight. It could change your heart, perception and understanding of things happening in your own life.

In the final hour after months of lobbying, visits to the capital, letters/emails/phone calls to Senators and house members to gain agreement, the day came to appear and give testimony live. Only two organizations agreed and ultimately selected to speak, and yes I was one of the speakers. The moment of truth had arrived.

As I was about to speak the lobbyist team executed a shift maneuver to add an unidentified speaker in what was thought of as perhaps a more graphically-moving testimony. Unlike my testimony, which they had not heard yet, this testimony made sense. It was graphic, extreme and logical. They made an organizational decision to deliver this testimony first. In fact, after it was shared thought there would be no more testimony needed. I waited with concern and some frustration. Something felt off in my spirit but I didn’t have words to articulate it yet. I knew the maneuver was wrong – not because of me but because of what I knew from my preparation in the Spirit.

Within minutes after the maneuver, the testimony was delivered and congress began to speak one by one, after about the 4th person suddenly opposition began coming. Up to this meeting there had been NO opposition. In my spirit, when I saw the maneuver early on I felt something would go wrong but it wasn’t my party! Voices opposing seemed to get louder and clearer. Seconds later, others were not nodding in agreement to the opposition. Just like that the bill was in jeopardy. This was supposed to be a slam dunk. What in the world did they do?

The lobbyist leader came and sat by me (I had not spoken to him yet all morning) and said, I think we’re going to cancel any further testimony. This is not going well. In essence, he panicked. Of course anyone could see what was at stake. The hundred or more people in the room could feel it and see. In his mind this logical approach, this new more naturally compelling story from the person known would make it happen that much easier right? Wrong!!! No, I said “Mr. A. I know you’re worried but you MUST let me speak. Listen to me, trust me.” I implored him!! He hesitated then came back and said okay. I could see the worry in his eyes.

From my perspective, of course there could be an opposition to seeing such an important act from congress come to fruition. It could change the lives of so many people. The bill’s opposition represented a timely attack and simply needed to be handled the right way.

Mr. A applied a natural, logical solution to influence a spiritual situation.

Two minutes later, I was called forward. I went up greeted the house and Senator H (sitting to my right) and began to speak. I had four minutes. What I knew though, is that it was God’s four minutes. I practiced. I prayed and I practiced and prayed some more. Here I am in the moment, never imagining it would be this kind of moment. Live or die – pass or delay. Delay at this point made the outcomes more vulnerable.

When the moment came – it was no longer me but Christ and His Spirit in me. Surely, many others DID NOT, MAY NEVER see it this way, but I firmly believe and know it myself. After I spoke, Senator H looked at me and said “Thank you so much” shortly after that the main opposition got up and walked over to the house leader and whispered something in his ear. img_2092Following, the house leader spoke and said, Congressman O has removed his opposition, the bill has 100% agreement and will now go to the floor.

My point, the passing of this bill had the power to affect lives to the tune of over a million people in the state of Louisiana. SB-376 would stand to be life changing and transformative for families (caregiver’s and loved ones alike).

How often do we mistake/misperceive situations like this? I know I have. I am personally quite the analyzer at times yet I must admit God has truly matured me in this area in the last 4-5 years. Discernment is incredibly important in our daily walk with Christ. I love the King James Version the best which warns us: “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

Spiritual problems require spiritual solutions.

Walk In the Spirit and Love of Christ


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